Mod Men

Mad Fusion + Mnpctech

"American Chopper" for Geeks with a Dash of "This Old House"

Hosted by professional modder, Bill Owen, "Mod Men" gives viewers computer modding tips and tricks they can do at home, industry perspectives, product reviews, and follows the creation of an outrageous water-cooled PC built from scratch. Bill is known around the globe for his out-of-this-world computer builds and vast industry knowledge. Whether you’re a diehard computer nerd or just a good old-fashioned gadget freak, "Mod Men" should provide plenty of entertainment!

Bill + The Mod Men + Their Creation

Mod Men Trailer

Mod Men Episode Guide

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Mod Men Episode 1

Bill's case review and paint tips from Brad. See the design of our custom rig coming together.
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Mod Men Episode 2

You’ll watch Bill and Randy as they mill the main structure of the "Mod Men" PC from a 2-inch thick block of acrylic. And a surprise treat provides a glimpse of what a Munky Transmission is all about.
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Mod Men Episode 3

You’ll go to Brad’s Shanty Shack of Custom Colors to paint the acrylic pieces of the"Mod Men" PC build, and we’ll watch Bill as he finally starts putting everything together.
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Mod Men Episode 4

Watch progress unfold on the"Mod Men" PC build as our fearless modders focus on the ins and outs of water cooling – the custom waterblock, top, and reservoir.
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Mod Men Episode 5

See the"Mod Men" custom PC finally completed as Bill puts the final touches on his latest creation and showcases this eye-popping scratch build. And beforehand he’ll provide a thought-provoking and occasionally blunt review of the LanBoy Air.